Pots. Prayers. Plans.

Hey there. There are three things I need today. POTS. (That’s pots, not pot. Smart aleck)  If you have any spare clay or ceramic pots lying around outside I can use them. Maybe you were going to have that deck or balcony garden but it didn’t quite work out. I have sprouted lots of things […]

Just Nine Months Ago

almost home. Over the last few months, waves of losses have rolled through our region, large companies laying off thousands and small businesses laying off family and closing doors. Anxious health care professionals and broken-hearted family members recited daily caution and “red alert” reminders. We’ve tried to hold socially distanced funerals and attempted to keep […]


(sort of, except for, kind of, unless, if, but for, not those…)What follows are convo snippets – every one captures the gist of a conversation I’ve had in the last two weeks. In the weeks ahead will see behaviors that reflect every one of these positions and conditions. You can decide now how you’re going […]


For those of you who – quite rightly – continue to ask how we navigate out of hunker down, here are the six conditions of responsible restarts: Disease transmission is under control Health systems are able to “detect, test, isolate and treat every case and trace every contact” Hot spot risks are minimized in vulnerable […]


It will get harder before it gets better. Disaster pro-tip: Practice advance forgiveness. In your homes, and with your colleagues. students and customers. At some point before this is over, we will all fail to be our best selves. We will be messy, angry, petty, grouchy, pissed and pitiful. One hopes not all at the same […]

Do one thing

Do one task at a time, giving it your undivided attention. Do the next right thing. Repeat.Bonus: be patient with the scattered, frantic, furious folk not following above guidelines. It could be you.Wrote this for me and maybe for you too.

Small PSA –

Wondering why some conferences cancelled and other large gatherings are not? The general pattern has been to cancel or curtail those events attracting significant numbers of international visitors. (Ex. NACE, CERA, SXSW) While keeping events drawing crowds from local and state level open. (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)It’s just a pattern as there has been no […]


It tells me something about you when I see how you’re planning and preparing. When I hear your responses to threats.“ It’s no big deal.” “I got this.” “I can take care of me and mine”. “I’m concerned and taking steps.” “I’ve got to think about mom, sister, neighbor, friends, employees …” We can survive […]


When I check FB and read the “what’s on your mind?” prompt here, I usually make a quick check in and then consider what to share. I think about, write about, and research disasters. Usually, I don’t really want people I care about to be thinking about what I’m thinking about. But today I’m going […]