March 9, 2020

Small PSA –

Wondering why some conferences cancelled and other large gatherings are not?

The general pattern has been to cancel or curtail those events attracting significant numbers of international visitors. (Ex. NACE, CERA, SXSW) While keeping events drawing crowds from local and state level open. (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)It’s just a pattern as there has been no formal guidance given by officials. (Tell me if I’m wrong) The logic of this – local vs international – is weak.

Decisions regarding large events is one of many areas in which formal guidance from local and federal health officials is needed. Yes – there are many of us in the USA who pitch a fit if told what to do, and we have the machine gun toting individualists already saying no one can tell them where they can go or not … however, most of us would be happy to have the guidance of health officials.

As it is, each individual institution and entity has to determine in some disconnected fashion what’s best for thousands of people – (health and pocketbook wise) and stand alone with that decision and the attendant risks. Right now, official guidance is directed at individuals and their behaviors – nothing beyond. More is needed. Now.

REMINDER:In a disaster/crisis/emergency:

The most precious resource is trusted leadership and the scarcest commodity is reliable information.

Trusted leadership disseminating best available information in disciplined fashion – fosters constructive collective action. Or else….chaos.

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