March 8, 2020


It tells me something about you when I see how you’re planning and preparing. When I hear your responses to threats.“

It’s no big deal.”

“I got this.”

“I can take care of me and mine”.

“I’m concerned and taking steps.”

“I’ve got to think about mom, sister, neighbor, friends, employees …”

We can survive individually – we only thrive in community. Interdependence is a fact of our existence as a species. We are interconnected. When we deny that, ignore it, we lose, but someone else also pays a steep price.

Years ago, in a Twilight Zone episode, a couple was given a button to push if they wanted to secure a significant sum of money. All they had to do was push the button, funds would come. But someone, somewhere would die. No one they knew or would ever know. The temptation is great and one day they push. Money comes, the button is removed and they’re told it will go to another family – someone that doesn’t know them, who may or may not push the button. Uh oh.

We all have a button. Our own power to secure more resources for ourselves or to spread them around. Every action, every use of resources on our part doesn’t automatically result in draining the life from another human being. Doesn’t automatically do that. But some behaviors prompt me to ask: How much do you have to have before you vote or act so that someone else can be relieved of unnecessary suffering? You have a button. It’s your vote. It’s taxes. Your time. Your money. It’s being inconvenienced, having slightly less, so that life-saving resources might go into help needed by others.

Try imagining yourself at the other end of the button hoping someone else’s “more” button isn’t the end of it all for you.

We’re going to be reminded by this virus, every day, of how connected we are. Lots of temptation to push the “more for me” button. But chances are, if you’re reading this, you aren’t the most vulnerable. Check around you.

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