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No One is Coming by Victor Blanchard

The beauty of change is that it teaches us how to persevere.

From long-term disaster recovery, to effective integration of immigrants and refugees, Blanchard’s breakthrough strategies have successfully revitalized neighborhoods, while providing a powerful roadmap for cities around the world. Angela works with business, civic, and nonprofit leaders tackling complex challenges of community transformation, long term recovery and resettlement. Her clients include housing developers, nonprofit leaders, elected officials and social impact entrepreneurs.


Meet Angela, a globally recognized expert practitioner in speaking, community development and leadership consulting.

Angela’s work over the past three decades in Houston, the nation’s most ethnically diverse and fastest-growing city, has exercised her expertise in developing solutions for communities, leaders, and organizations all around the world. She specializes in working with business, civic, and nonprofit leaders to tackle the complex challenges within its communities and organizations.

From long-term disaster recovery, to effective integration of immigrants and refugees, her breakthrough strategies provide a powerful roadmap for cities across the globe. She is sought out by leaders and thinkers to conduct strategy sessions, deliver keynotes and individualized workshops. If you are committed to igniting change and discovering your potential, let’s connect!

Angela, you remind me of Ann Richards.
Barack Obama
44th President of the United States
Angela's work illustrates what it means to embrace democratic change and build a new work force – a new America, at metropolitan scale.
Bruce Katz
Centennial Scholar, Brookings Institution
Good organizations have three things: visionary leadership, a bold mission, and flawless execution. (Angela's work) does that.
Darren Walker
President & CEO Ford Foundation
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