Let's work together for Good

Evolutionary Leadership Coaching and Consulting

“Inspired by a compelling goal, freed from ordinary constraints, emboldened by courageous leadership, we can respond and meet any chosen challenge.”

Houston Hurricane Ike Long Term Recovery Committee

Angela mentors and coaches C-Level leaders in purpose/mission-driven organizations in both the private and public sectors. She specializes in supporting leaders who want to use their power, responsibility, and authority for good. Good candidates for Angela’s evolutionary leadership coaching and mentoring:
  • Emerging leader seeking skills and structures that will allow you to manage and innovate at the same time
  • Mid-career leader facing internal and/or external challenges impacting effectiveness at work and peace of mind at home 
  • Mature leader moving into third chapter and seeking to ensure a lasting legacy

BEST FOR: Fast growing, quick learners, especially those in times of change. Ideal for those hungry for solutions, eager to implement, and determined to evolve.

“I am ‘the CEO’ but I don’t want to be the kind of ego-driven CEO I had to work for. I need to figure out how to lead sensitively and still get the work done.”

“I’m caught between the mission and the investors. If the mission wins, we make more money, but I have to bring everyone else along.”

“I am surrounded by people invested in me continuing to do what I am doing now, and I really want to plan my next chapter.”

“I don’t want this job to eat my life.”

Appreciative Community Development

“The most successful cities of the future are those that can most quickly turn desperation and aspiration into participation.”

Angela Blanchard

Angela consults with organizations of all sizes and missions that serve distressed communities. Her deep experience and proven practices bring a laser-like focus to complex and often competing community interests. You organization might be a good candidate to engage Angela if you want to: 

  • Find and build on community strengths ensuring community-wide support and harnessing the power of grass-roots partnerships
  • Increase the volume and impact of financial investment in development zones while helping donors see the big picture of what’s possible
  • Avoid consensus paralysis brought on by focusing on what is wrong. Instead inspire aligned and effective action by focusing and building on what works


BEST FOR: Urban planners, faith-based organizations, social sector agencies, private developers, and organizations of any size seeking to learn and apply the principles of Appreciative Community Development. 

“How do we finance holistic approaches in a fragmented and siloed policy and funding world?”

“How do we focus on strengths without glossing over the huge disparities and injustices we see everyday?”

We know how to engage communities, but how do we keep the donors engaged through the community building process?” 

“How do we face the long term challenge of community transformation in a world that seeks quick ‘one off’ successes?”