March 25, 2020


It will get harder before it gets better.

Disaster pro-tip:

Practice advance forgiveness. In your homes, and with your colleagues. students and customers. At some point before this is over, we will all fail to be our best selves. We will be messy, angry, petty, grouchy, pissed and pitiful. One hopes not all at the same time nor all on the same day. A lovely way to get through this is to make a large deposit now – while we’ve still got the love flowing – in the accounts of those you love and value. And when they get a bit feral, gently say: you don’t seem like yourself right now. Are you okay?

It’s a kind way to remind those you live and work with of who they really are. And if they can’t seem to get it together – let them draw against that line of credit you made. Forgive.

If you do this, perhaps when you need it, there’ll be a bit of Grace for you too.

General apology: if I’ve promised you something and failed to deliver, or you’ve reached out and I’ve failed to respond, or you’ve extended a gracious invite I couldn’t accept – please accept my apologies here. My tiny team and I are catching up.

I wrote this for me and maybe for you too.

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