December 18, 2020

Pots. Prayers. Plans.

Hey there.

There are three things I need today.

POTS. (That’s pots, not pot. Smart aleck) 

If you have any spare clay or ceramic pots lying around outside I can use them. Maybe you were going to have that deck or balcony garden but it didn’t quite work out. I have sprouted lots of things that now need bigger pots. Let me know.


Like all of you I’ve been trying to make the most of this pandemic mess. Drawing on all the wisdom of previous storms and disasters to keep my “pot” filled with energy and hope. Losses. The holidays. Relapses. Deaths. Making me so blue. My spirit engine runs on nurturing and caring for others. How I’m wired. And I miss everyone. I miss being WITH people.

And ask myself often “what’s the point?” There’s work I want and need to do but I sort of just stare at the computer or daydream instead of working. Like all my work seems to have sort of shrunk in significance against the backdrop of this year. overwhelmed by the suffering that can’t be alleviated.

You too?

So shall we have a joint prayer of gratitude and grief? Hurt and hopefulness? A prayer that we hold ourselves and one another together and apart through a few more months? And then reboot our lives with the wisdom that comes from facing tough challenges?


I’m still planning the biggest party I’ve ever had and every day I don’t get to see all of you the plans get bigger and bigger. I’m lining up a really good band. and there needs to be a bonfire. So we can toss our misery into the flames. And go dance.

What plans are you making for AFTER?

© Angela Blanchard

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