December 16, 2020


Watch out for those expectations…It’s a big grownup thing to make the distinction between hope and expectations.

When we have hope we are open to the possibility that something will occur, perhaps even by our own efforts we *hope* to bring about a change. We hope a person we care about will do something, or will stop doing something. We hope our neighbors will get a vaccine.

Expectations, however, are expressions of entitlement. We decide something ought to be a particular way. We feel we have a right to certain treatment. We expect an outcome. People, in our estimation, ought to do a certain thing. Perhaps it works out as we expected. Perhaps not.

The easiest way to tell hope and expectation apart: whether or not we get pissed off when it doesn’t work out.

Hold out hope. Make a place in you heart and your imagination for a desired change. Move toward it. Appreciate progress.

Let go of expectations. The world doesn’t turn on your ideas. Or as my dad said : “the axis of the universe doesn’t run down your spine”.

What are your hopes for 2021?The new year is approaching (for many of us). I wrote this for me.

© Angela Blanchard

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