Hold a Funeral for What’s Finished

Sometimes we say “I’m so tired” when we really mean we just can’t go on with what we’re doing. We’ve run out of steam. No fuel. No juice. Empty. ONE YEARIs there some end in sight? Are we about to be done with this shit? Did we learn anything? Do we still love the people […]

Pots. Prayers. Plans.

Hey there. There are three things I need today. POTS. (That’s pots, not pot. Smart aleck)  If you have any spare clay or ceramic pots lying around outside I can use them. Maybe you were going to have that deck or balcony garden but it didn’t quite work out. I have sprouted lots of things […]

Just Nine Months Ago

almost home. Over the last few months, waves of losses have rolled through our region, large companies laying off thousands and small businesses laying off family and closing doors. Anxious health care professionals and broken-hearted family members recited daily caution and “red alert” reminders. We’ve tried to hold socially distanced funerals and attempted to keep […]


There are days when I wish that life was a bit more like Wheel of Fortune. If your spin landed on global pandemic, it couldn’t also land on fire, cancer, racism, bankruptcy, … And we’d just take hurricane season off the board altogether. Life is fraught. This ain’t Heaven, it’s Earth. And we are all vulnerable […]


(sort of, except for, kind of, unless, if, but for, not those…)What follows are convo snippets – every one captures the gist of a conversation I’ve had in the last two weeks. In the weeks ahead will see behaviors that reflect every one of these positions and conditions. You can decide now how you’re going […]

Small PSA –

Wondering why some conferences cancelled and other large gatherings are not? The general pattern has been to cancel or curtail those events attracting significant numbers of international visitors. (Ex. NACE, CERA, SXSW) While keeping events drawing crowds from local and state level open. (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)It’s just a pattern as there has been no […]


When I check FB and read the “what’s on your mind?” prompt here, I usually make a quick check in and then consider what to share. I think about, write about, and research disasters. Usually, I don’t really want people I care about to be thinking about what I’m thinking about. But today I’m going […]


This is a very useful rundown of what to expect re coronavirus. The more we listen to scientists the better off we will be. One thing I think about often is this: we live interdependently. Closely connected to everyone else in the world. We don’t want to believe that or deal with the implications of […]

Share the Air

I hear a lot of “self care/self development” advocates talking about “you have to put your oxygen mask on first, before you can help anyone else.” You’ve had that mask on for years. It’s now bejeweled and you have a closet full of masks in various shapes and sizes. You’re so full of oxygen you’re […]