February 26, 2020


This is a very useful rundown of what to expect re coronavirus. The more we listen to scientists the better off we will be.

One thing I think about often is this: we live interdependently. Closely connected to everyone else in the world. We don’t want to believe that or deal with the implications of this interdependency. We draw lines on a map to define and defend borders so that unwanted vulnerabilities can be denied entry. But all the major threats to humans as a species are no respecter of these artificial boundaries. Viruses, violence and climate change travel their own paths – beyond control of national governments. The most important lessons in this article are not about coronavirus. They are the lessons of cooperation and coordination. Shared learning. A viral network of understanding and information spread. Scientists could save us from our random foolish fear driven reactions. But political leaders (representatives) need to work with them.

I believe the number one job of leadership in a crisis is to communicate in a fashion to lower fear levels so people can listen and learn and respond appropriately to threats. Not to falsely reassure, dominate or threaten. We need leaders to engage and inform. Scientists are good at informing. We need constructive engagement by those in power.

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