May 9, 2024

We Do Good Work

Most of us make some sort of one sided bargain with the universe. We will do good work and … we will be rewarded with a desired outcome. One aspect of what we view as civilized society is this predictability of reward for effort. If rewards are fair and shared in some rationalized way, we call it justice. We will support a system that delivers promised rewards. However, we are all aware of people who “did all the things” and did not get the promised reward. We call that injustice.

Working For Change 

If we work for change in the way our society performs, we are reaching for the rewarding result of a better outcome. We want rights secured, reforms adopted, fairness employed. Justice.

But what if we don’t get what we worked for? What if we work and work, use all our resources and gifts for decades and still nothing much changes? Or we even go backwards? We watch as people suffer cruelties. Old cruelties. Recycled injustices. Failure.

Do we regret what we did? The energy we spent? The effort invested?

Nope. We do good work because … we do good work.

Taking a stand is more about knowing where I am immovable whatever happens. Success or not. Progress or not. Perseverance is my superpower.

There are no bargains with the universe. I do this = I get that. Human agreements aren’t laws of the universe.

There are about 8 billion people in the world dashing about, trying to wrest some measure of safety, security and predictability from this tumultuous trip we’re on. If we get several hundred million to cooperate on anything, to agree on anything, to stop fighting one another – miraculous. And there’s no reason to expect those agreements to be permanent.

Sometimes we have to stitch it up all over again. And again. Because these agreements aren’t like laws of gravity.

I wrote this for me and for all of you who must go to work to stitch it up all over again.


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