May 5, 2024

Leading in Disasters – Communication Reminders

  1. Storms don’t care about any artificial line we draw. But people do. So name the areas impacted. Repeatedly. So everyone knows what neighborhoods and zip codes have what degree of risk and damage. All those that activate for recovery need this information asap.
  2. When you go to the mic, the message is all about the people listening and watching. Tell them what they need to know to care for themselves and their families and neighbors- not all the great things you’re doing but all the things they need to know to take appropriate action.  
  3. Thank the residents for taking right action. Make our residents the heroes not the people doing their job. As good as they are.
  4. There is no aisle in a storm. Settle your scores between events and whatever grievances exist, put them aside the minute the first raindrop falls.

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