March 8, 2024

Happy Birthday Betty Blanchard

Happy International Women’s Day and Happy 88th Birthday to my formidable, courageous, independent mom. Raised eight kids. Worked full time. Built a profitable business. Sewed our clothes and our dance costumes. Never missed a beauty shop appointment.

Things I learned from my mom.

  1. Do something with yourself before you leave the house.
  2. Don’t whine. Not about your ailments. Or your circumstances. Ever.
  3. Work cures most problems.
  4. Don’t trust ’em till you watch ’em.
  5. Never ever ever look down on another person for any reason. Ever. Ever.
  6. Give if you want, but don’t let people take from you.


And a final Betty Ann ism
“Don’t expect – or let – anyone take care of you. Even if they try they probably won’t do it right.”

-Betty Blanchard

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