May 19, 2024

Disaster Reminders

  1. There is no such thing as a single sector recovery. Public, private and philanthropic sectors must connect and work together to pull off an effective response. We have too many good examples of this in Houston to name here. Seeing government, corporations and nonprofits pull together, each doing what they do best is pure gold. Cheer them on.
  2. We heavily weight the emergency phase and immediate aftermath when cameras are rolling. It’s a long journey to “home again” for those who got three feet of water or a tree through the middle of their home. Mark your calendars for three months, six months, a year from now and check back with people then too.
  3. There is enough to go around. We don’t have a scarcity of resources problem in this region. We have a resource allocation challenge. And when we allocate resources, whether it’s money, volunteers, supplies or help centers we need to weigh both the need before the storm and damage after.
  4. The value of neighbors helping neighbors is immeasurable. Whether it’s mucking and gutting or wielding that chain saw, or bringing over food and water, your help arrives faster and is more finely tuned that any institution can manage. Don’t underestimate your efforts to come to the aid of those near you – those you work with, worship with, live near. They’re all your neighbors.
  5. It’s easy to criticize leaders in a disaster. By their nature, storms stretch our tempers and our resources. You can focus on the clickable tidbits of tension or pay attention to how to help. Sitting on your sofa badgering people online is never a good look but it’s especially egregious when people are hurting and you could be helping.

I wrote all of this for me and maybe for you too.


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