I want to scold you. Here you are all spun up in outrage again. Appalled. Exactly as expected. As planned. As solicited. You’ve got a subscription to outrage and disgust. And you’re quoting it today. Doubling down on the fairness argument. You know better. A feral hog is a feral hog. A predator is a […]


Its really okay to break up with people – even family members. Even people you thought you could love no matter what. For years I told myself that I had to hang in there no matter what you said or did. In the hopes of shaping what you saw and heard. In the hopes I […]


If it took an organization days and days to speak up: They were polishing their message, running it through their filters, removing potentially troublesome words, making sure it was balanced, making sure it wouldn’t upset donors, checking for grammar, making sure it fit the brand, deciding where it was safe to post/share, checking to see […]

You know those thoughts and feelings:

“I didn’t do enough. I should have done more. Tried harder. Listened better.” When we feel those feelings – we don’t console ourselves with platitudes. Understand that we are exactly right. We did not know enough. Do enough. Stand enough. March enough. Vote enough. Listen enough. Fight enough. We may have missed the last hundred […]


Please note: If you’re going to go on and on about vulnerability please make an effort to distinguish between A. and B. A. I might die. Get beaten. Have my liberty taken away. Lose my family. Have my child stolen. Go hungry. Lose health care. Have my pain ignored. Get bombed. Tortured. Need “self care” […]

George Floyd

Today is not the day for “maybe there’s more to the story”. You cannot fabricate a context in which kneeling on an unarmed man’s neck – after handcuffing him, as he begs to breathe, until he passes out – becomes justified. The man is now dead. We don’t know what he did and we don’t […]