May 30, 2020


Please note:

If you’re going to go on and on about vulnerability please make an effort to distinguish between A. and B.

A. I might die. Get beaten. Have my liberty taken away. Lose my family. Have my child stolen. Go hungry. Lose health care. Have my pain ignored. Get bombed. Tortured. Need “self care” to save my life or limb. To breathe.

B. I might get my feelings hurt. Have my self esteem dented. Not get the promotion or the gig. Feel awkward or uncomfortable. Require self care to improve muscle tone and skin care.Language people.

PS: I didn’t write this for me and for you. I wrote it for all of you saying “omg I just can’t watch anymore”. Or congratulating yourselves because you finally “got it”. I’m just thinking about all the people who pleaded and begged and explained and marched and died trying to get you to “get it”. But finally you do. Okay. Please go sit in the back of the bus for a minute. Just give me a minute so I can find some love in my heart again.

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