September 28, 2020


I want to scold you. Here you are all spun up in outrage again. Appalled. Exactly as expected. As planned. As solicited.

You’ve got a subscription to outrage and disgust. And you’re quoting it today. Doubling down on the fairness argument. You know better.

A feral hog is a feral hog. A predator is a predator. At the beginning, middle and at the end. 360°. All the time. In business. At home. At the office.

Please remember that the people who admire feral hogs often do so because someone made them feel like a chump. And they envy the guy that seems to get away with everything. The one that hogs resources and tramples weaklings. They want to be him. Not the person trampled.

(You are not a chump because you played fair.)

In the world that feral hogs run, there is only eat or be eaten.

The world is not completely in the hands of feral hogs. Though they do seem to get all of the attention.

You don’t have time for outrage, just action. There are so many wounded people that can use your attention. Your energy. Your empathy.

I wrote this to remind myself (and you) that when we commit to one another, contributing to our common welfare, play by our agreed upon rules, these are the actions of responsible honorable people. Civilized people. Not hogs.

© Angela Blanchard

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