September 7, 2021


I read a lot of tweets about the evils of capitalism. And the failures of democracy.

Capitalism is an economic system. Democracy is a political system. Neither is a moral code.

If you’re a lying, thieving, greedy, stingy person, looking to get every nickel you can without regard for the pain and suffering you cause others – well you’re a just a rotten human being. And you’d just be a rotten human being socialist too.

And if dominating others, owning others, taking away power that ought to be theirs by use of force is your thing, well you’d be doing that whatever the political system. You’re just rotten.

Rotten people screw up all the systems. And ruin all the parties.

Fortunately most people aren’t rotten.

But when I meet some rotten, greedy, domineering, lying person, or see them in leadership, I don’t blame capitalism or democracy. I think: there goes a failure as a human being.

© Angela Blanchard

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