August 30, 2021

Commandments of Help

How to help in disasters
  1. Trust is everything. You can move at the speed of trust. Perform within the container of trust. You will go as far as trust can stretch.
  2. Improvisation is critical if you want to be effective. If you lack the courage – or the cover – to break useless rules – you’re unfit to lead in disasters. This does not mean run amok. This means follow a prime directive. Save all the people you can. Save all the pets you can. Break only the rules you must.
  3. Strength based appreciation is the only measurement lens allowed. Focus on who steps up and what they have to offer. Arrange the resources around strengths and the motivational fuel will be sufficient. If people hold a position and refuse to step up – move past them to the next willing person. Leaders are people willing to step forward and help. Period.
  4. Never become a part of the scene. Bring your own sustenance. Don’t show up to help and expect to be coddled. It’s not about you. Don’t place yourself in a position where you have to be rescued.
  5. Provide what is requested. It ain’t help if they didn’t ask. Listen twice. Help once. People know what they need in what order.
  6. Treat other people’s communities as holy ground. Tread lightly. You have no idea what is precious to the people who live there or what it has cost them to create it. Never dismiss what they value and never throw anything away without permission.

© Angela Blanchard

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