August 20, 2021

At Our Best

still standing

I serve as advisor / consultant to a number of organizations – private and social sector. Many of their challenges are the same.

Right now people are looking back on the last 18-24 months even as they try to figure out what lies ahead. Today I’m outlining sessions with two groups to examine what they did, how they pivoted, what strengths were unearthed in response to an unprecedented event. Making their “DNA of response and change” evident is the goal so that they can capitalize on learning and continue to evolve.

This process of reflecting on strengths and shining a light on “when we get it right” is powerful. It runs counter to our relentless examination of failures and mistakes. A direct counter to a call-out culture of criticism and self righteous oneupmanship.

When teams initially engage with me to do this work, they think it’s about “positive thinking” or “putting a positive spin on hardship”. It’s much deeper than that. We are most exposed and most revealed when we face extreme hardship. When the earth shakes and everything superficial falls away.

If we will look at who/what gives life and energy and possibilities in those situations we can leverage those insights, that wisdom and learning, to better serve our cause.

To do this we must craft new questions and bring a different, deeper lens to our examinations.

Teams mired in “find the problem, fix the problem” are drained and exhausted. Those cognizant of strengths, rooted in responsiveness, tending to “the whole” are still standing. Like buildings after a quake, their cladding might be missing, but their underlying structures are clear and upright.

I love this work. If your team would like to do this let me know. This isn’t a plug. You don’t have to have me facilitate. I know others who do this well too.

Love, Angela

PS. I wrote this for you because now is not the time to miserably exhaust yourselves. You’re too valuable.

© Angela Blanchard

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