June 20, 2018

Becoming A Collaborator

As I was flying home a United Airlines flight attendant told me the worst day she’d ever had at work was this past week on a plane with children being flown from Houston to Miami without their parents. It made me think….

Someone had to take children from parents. Had to transport them to prison. Had to place a tag on them. Had to exchange their clothes. Had to lock them in the cages. Had to load them on a plane. Fly the plane to another state. Remove the children. Transport them to another prison. Lock them in. Ignoring their pain all the way.

Someone(s) already said yes to all of that. Agreed to do it.

Did anyone resign? Refuse to fly the plane? Take off their border patrol uniform? Void the contract? Refuse to supply the facility? Get out of the van and walk away?

It takes a lot of people to perpetuate this cruelty. Many people in uniforms. Many ordinary people performing tiny bits of “their job”.

It is so easy to become a collaborator.

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