June 21, 2018


This is just for friends.

I look around and I haven’t unpacked from Providence and I haven’t unpacked from Belgium. Perhaps I should remain permanently packed. When I look over the past six months, everything I’ve really needed has fit into 8 boxes, all small enough I could carry them with ease. I need less stuff. Waaaay less. And I’ll be getting rid of tons of stuff this summer.

My son has taught me so much about this. He buys almost nothing. He buys tools. Uses them. I love the way he thinks. Anything you buy you have to maintain and it becomes another encumbrance. He’s also taught me a lot about creative process and accountability. And showing up for your creative work every single day. All 365 of them.

I have writing and notes and books everywhere. I do not yet have a great system for organizing all the research notes I generate when I travel. Notebooks. iPad. Phone. Computer. I do love google docs and google calendar – but learning the limitations of those as I try to write. And I forgot to bill some clients. (Not smart)

I love being my own boss but miss having a board. I need a board that lives in my head that helps me function. And make decisions about when to say yes and when to say no. I think I’m going to recruit a board. Main qualifications: stern face hiding a good sense of humor.

My life is (currently) unmanageable. But my garden is terrific. Lush and green. And full of fruit. Last year no grapefruit. This year abundant.

Also – please stop asking me how I like retirement. I told you then and I’m telling you again – I’m not retired. I’ve worked every single day this year thus far and plan to continue. I love to work. Truly. It brings me joy and satisfaction. If you are interested I’ll tell you about all the great people I’m working with, in all the great cities. But it’s hard to stop me once I start. Warning you now.

If I ever retire I’ll tell you all about it.

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