June 17, 2018

This is my campaign

There is a Middle Majority in this country that if you poll a 1,000 different ways it comes back the same ——

We want universal health care. We don’t want people to go bankrupt because they fractured a leg or got pneumonia. We want our representatives to do what other countries have done and figure out how to value our health.

We want sensible gun reform. We want you to own a gun and hunt and lock it up and be responsible. We don’t want anyone to have an automatic weapon and if you have mental health issues that make you dangerous with just your fists, we do not want you to have access to a weapon that can kill dozens of people in seconds.

We want sensible immigration reform that allows workers we need to work with dignity and respects the value of their labor and contributions. We want those who’ve served and been loyal to have a path. That line that gets referred to constantly? We want there to be a line. Not a wall.

We want access to reproductive choices. No one wants anyone to have to get an abortion because they couldn’t get birth control. And we want the trend of fewer and fewer abortions to continue. Because while the majority wants the choice, no one ever wanted to have to make it.

We want our infrastructure to be a source of pride – our bridges and ports, our roads and airports, energy and communications grids to be modern and forward built. A source of pride and a competitive advantage.

We want work with dignity and access to education and training. When an industry dies, we want to be trained for another job. We want companies to invest in their workers and not pay them so little we all have to subsidize workers through charity and social programs.

We don’t want our young people crippled by debt because they sought to better themselves by going to college. We don’t want higher ed and training to become a debt trap.

We want to be competitive with other countries. We don’t want to be ignorant and left behind in a global marketplace because we’re too sick, stressed or uneducated to compete.

We are tired of being pitted against one another. We live near to, work next to, go to school with people not like us and we know that they are just like us. They have the same hungers – to earn, learn and belong. We’re tired of hate and fear mongering.

We want these things – but we can’t get any of them because we do not have power. We broke democracy. The majority of this country has no voice at the federal level.

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