May 10, 2019


We are all vulnerable creatures. We live on a tumultuous and volatile planet. War or weather. Upheaval is not rare but normal. It’s the spaces of predictability in between, those we think of and wish were “normal”, that we must treasure. It’s a hard reality that we are always on the brink of something catastrophic. As individuals. As a group.

This, strangely enough, does not make me live in dread or hide in terror of what might happen. It makes me feel a sense of solidarity with every living thing. We’re all refugees, castaways here trying to survive and find meaning in the journey. I find great solace in noticing what we are willing to do for one another. Our creativity and inventiveness applied to generosity. We’re at our best when we’re figuring out how to make it together. In this hot, wet, messy, troubled world.

How can we best help Californians?

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