March 26, 2019

Can We Grow Up?

I really really resent the sanctimony and hypocrisy of some climate change “opinionators”. Don’t want any of the downside of petrochem and “would never live in Houston”. But you’re not giving up a single comfort you have. You just don’t want to suffer the consequences.

“We must do away with fossil fuels.” That’s a joke. Cause you don’t mean “we” really. After all, you recycle. Done your part. You’re not planning to freeze next winter, or forego your vacation to Italy, or give up your Northface water wicking underpants.

Let’s have the guts to say “we aren’t going to do what scientists believe is necessary. And millions more people will suffer”.

And for those of you who feel it’s best to ignore science – you’re wrong too. You hate the science that tells you there are uncomfortable consequences to our way of life but love the science that gave you AC and the power that runs it. You like the science that fixed your heart valve. You’re like a bad believer – picking and choosing what part of that holy book suits you.

Let’s all be honest. We’re keeping our AC and our cars, our synthetics and plastics, our insulation and IV lines and yogurt containers. (Those of us who have them.) We’re just going out cool, clothed, and fed.

Until we’re not.

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