April 22, 2017

The Glamorous Life

My washing machine leaked on the motor and burned it out which tripped the breaker which shut off the basement sump pump which flooded the basement. Bad

I have a water vac. And a swell friend/repair person. And my sweet son. The two of them know how to do everything. Good.

While he was helping us our repair person’s truck was broken into out front and he lost an expensive electronic item. Bad.

Victor reviewed our security camera footage and is headed to the local pawn shop to try to locate the item. (Things turnover quickly in my hood) A new washing machine is on the way. Good.

I’m removing the door to the basement – well I’m trying. Very Bad.

The food and wine just came for a small party I’m giving for some tribe members later. Good. Good. Good.

I just wanted everyone to know what a really glamorous life I lead.

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