May 4, 2017

Dear BakerRipley,- tribe members

This year marks many milestones and new beginnings. We celebrated the 110th anniversary of our founding by Mrs. Alice Graham Baker, our merger with the Daniel and Edith Ripley Foundation and the unveiling of our new agency name – BakerRipley. We broke ground on the East Aldine Economic Opportunity Center through the largest capital campaign in our history and plans are underway for a new headquarters in Houston’s East End. We’re expanding programs across the board – from education to immigration to workforce. The agency continues to evolve along with the community, yet our shared purpose remains the same — keeping our region a place of opportunity for everyone. We remain relentlessly focused on the strengths and aspirations of our neighbors. We build on those strengths.

Effective December 31, 2017, I will be resigning from the role as President and CEO. It’s time for a new chapter in my life. (I will share more about this later.) The Board Executive Committee has requested, and I have agreed, to assume the role of President Emerita. (That sounds so fancy!)

Although, I am leaving the position I am not leaving the work. I will help develop our Learning Center, where staff and others can be immersed in the principles and tools that have guided our work. I will continue to share Appreciative Community Building with other organizations and leaders seeking to transform communities.

My daily inspiration has always come from the people we serve – their courage and determination – which I find mirrored in my teammates. I am surrounded by leaders committed to helping our neighbors build the future they’ve imagined. It has been a great honor to serve a dedicated and committed board and to be a part of a high performing tribe of people – focused on strengthening community. You remind me daily of my most cherished belief: the Human Spirit is not extinguishable.

My life has been immeasurably enriched through my work at BakerRipley. I find words insufficient to cover the extent of my gratitude and deep appreciation. My heart is full of true affection and respect for all of you.

Angela Blanchard
President and CEO

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