Go Where You’re Invited

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Without really knowing it or making up my mind to do it, I’ve been steadily building this new business for the last five years. I thought I would do a little consulting if asked and I did. I thought it would probably decline over time and it didn’t. It kept growing. Following my guidelines for […]


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If you want to be brave you’re going to have to let go of the idea that you’re fragile. That you need safety to perform, to act, to create. That you must first be treated with some particular form of special care before you can build or make something. You must first stop demanding or […]

Good Planning

A good plan should be like your favorite pair of jeans, neither too tight nor too loose. Too loose and you end up with your butt showing and that only works in the street not in the boardroom. Too tight and when the right partner/opportunity comes along you can’t dance/move. Or eat. A few holes […]


What brings me joy? Seeing people flourish. Watching people use their gifts. No, not celebrities. Not in fancy productions. Just up close watching people grow into their skins, fill out a role, find direction and purpose. I LOVE encouraging and supporting that quest. My brother used to make fun of me. “You’re all ‘be all […]

We do good work. Because we do good work.

Holding opinions as a form of advertisement. Opinions you’re proud of because they make you feel good about yourself. Ones you post so people know what you stand for. What team you’re on. Please don’t confuse that with the work of making decisions, allocating resources, opening doors, giving up a seat, promoting, caring, sharing coaching, […]

Earn. Learn. Belong.

David Brooks has written a compassionate piece about an older white Kentucky man who has lost his place in the world of work. In the comments section, this man is receiving advice about who to blame. But he isn’t blaming other people. He doesn’t have the luxury. He goes on trying to find a place […]