On Gratitude

When times are tough we are often urged to be grateful for what we have. My father drove us slightly crazy with his admonishments along these lines. “There’s always someone worse off than you.” This, while true, doesn’t ease the pain a lick. Gratitude can’t be this weak ass thing that appears on one of […]

Your Outrage Does Not Matter

Your outrage does not matter. Nor your attempts to foster empathy. This is about power. This administration feeds on – relishes – their power to inflict pain. The very fact they can cause suffering – directly and indirectly – is a source of affirmation for them. Confirmation of their ordained superiority. You can see this […]

Happy Easter

All Rise. Birth is messy. Most of us arrived with a fair amount of muss and trouble not looking our best. Squalling. Rebirth. Even messier. We may not be covered in bodily fluids ( that mess is all inside) but we’ve come through a tunnel of trouble and here we are in a new place. […]

Human Spirit

At times I feel a strange confused disconnect. I was born a Cajun girl from Beaumont, Texas. I look around and find myself with real heroes. Smart, thoughtful, caring leaders. In Australia. (And Germany. And Lebanon. And Jordan) A very long way from where I started. And the stories I tell, the stories I share with […]