Unfairness and Injustice

When I’m stuck it’s because I’m still trying to understand, trying to make sense of something that is irrational. I want to note the causes – a straight line of “because of this, then that”. An explanation, I think, leading to understanding and I could let go of the anger, the hurt. But buried in […]

If There’s a Hole In Your Bucket

…service will fill it Just a reminder that service to others never fails to help us. Almost any sort of misery is lessened if I’m turned toward helping. Here’s my unpopular opinion. We are often told there’s some line that exists between caring for ourselves and caring for others and that taking care of ourselves […]

Personal Responsibility

Today a powerful white man in Houston suggested to me that if Black people want to improve their circumstances it’s all about personal responsibility. And that race is an issue only because we keep bringing it up. Everything was fine and we were all getting along before some people made an issue of race. I was […]

HOUSTON Big and Small

We like to talk about our size in Houston – fourth largest, soon to be third largest (which would make us a modest sized village in China) but it’s something we mention a lot as part of our overall effort to get noticed. We will settle for noticed because we’ve given up on defined or understood. […]