January 28, 2020

HOUSTON Big and Small

We like to talk about our size in Houston – fourth largest, soon to be third largest (which would make us a modest sized village in China) but it’s something we mention a lot as part of our overall effort to get noticed. We will settle for noticed because we’ve given up on defined or understood. We can’t define us and won’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t live here and love it trying to.

Houstonians – anyone who has been here more than a month – say “It’s the people”. But really every city has people. How we function socially is the key I think.

We have our balls and social hierarchy and those glowy luminous people photographed in ball gowns adorning our covers and decorating our feeds. And most of them are happy to tell you where they came from and how they made their money and – this is key – how they give back. They’ve got more than one finger in the do good pie. People here are warmly connected through nonprofits and philanthropy. Volunteering at all levels in all neighborhoods. In all kinds of organizations. It’s the often invisible web of welcome that keeps people here. Glad you’re here. Come on in and let’s give back.

Rich people in Houston (I’m going to generalize here so get ready lob all the exceptions) are accessible. We knew a lot of them “when”. We’ve seen their before lives and their afters. They all admit to being fortunate and credit luck and hard work. And remembering where they came from keeps them generous.

If you travels the bayous of Houston philanthropy you can tour how money gets earned and how it gets spent.

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