Really long post. About men (people) and #metoo. Leadership and disasters.—— #metooWhat’s being asked of men (people) is that they do the work of examining their ideas and behaviors – ratchet up awareness of their needs (sexual, emotional, professional, spiritual) and how to get them met in ways healthy for them and those around them. […]

Questions men have asked me since #MeToo

How can you go back and change the rules? This stuff used to be no big deal, right? Now, do I have to think before I touch a woman at all, anywhere? Everyone’s just competing to be a victim. Stuff happened to me too. I got over it. Why can’t they? My answers: No. No. […]

Anita Hill

It was this woman, in 1991, that saved me – and many others. And the legislation that followed that allowed us to write workplace rules against what most women I knew took for granted would happen. We didn’t call it “sexual harassment”. It was just work. It was her calm demeanor. Her unshakeable, clear-eyed recitation […]