Leading in Disasters – Communication Reminders

Storms don’t care about any artificial line we draw. But people do. So name the areas impacted. Repeatedly. So everyone knows what neighborhoods and zip codes have what degree of risk and damage. All those that activate for recovery need this information asap. When you go to the mic, the message is all about the […]


brave, bravery, leaders

If you want to be brave you’re going to have to let go of the idea that you’re fragile. That you need safety to perform, to act, to create. That you must first be treated with some particular form of special care before you can build or make something. You must first stop demanding or […]

Handle Your Elephants

This past month I’ve been working like mad to pull together reports and proposals for clients. I have a small team and we’re all buzzing. There’s building a business and then there’s doing the business. I love all of it. especially my purpose now – to support leaders in the arena – People hire me […]

Figure It Out Leadership

This morning talking with a woman who has spent her life (and most of her money) working to change the juvenile justice system – while also trying to wrest each individual child from its jaws when she could. I have this long list – so many of us spent decades on the long game and […]

Leadership Theory

Angela’s “Wastewater treatment plant” theory of leadership. You’re expected to take in all manner of dangerous crap, from every imaginable source, and turn it into pure drinkable water. You may be disrespected and abused but you can’t disrespect or abuse. You may be ignored but you don’t get to ignore. Your needs are a subject […]

Be Good for the World

I’m aggravating and I know it. My coaching/consulting style: Very annoying and loving big sister or older aunt that you know better than to call unless you really want to deal with the real. People pay me for this! My son says “nothing annoys you more, Mom, than undeveloped potential”. My brother Ted calls my […]

What’s on my mind? Feral Hogs.

Today I teach my graduate class about disaster and displacement – focusing on cities and policy responses. Shaped by empathy. Examples of leaders who act responsibly and who are willing to carry the weight of imperfect responses. Owning decisions and their consequences. Recognizing that each step enables some, disadvantages others. It’s all about being a […]

Leading in Disasters

For most of my life I took leadership for granted. I had no particular interest in “developing leadership”. I thought everyone was eager for the responsibility of leadership, driven by the demands of the mission and motivated to foster human development and eliminate unnecessary suffering. Fine. Mock me. You won’t be the first to think […]


Random thoughts on leadership: If you are a leader who needs *excellent* data to make a decision, you’re not a leader you’re a data follower. Nothing wrong with that – data is great – but know who you are. Data is like auditing. It already happened. It’s not a map of the future. Leaders use […]

The Oath Takers

Some of us are in professions that require the taking of an oath. We ask it of doctors, of soldiers, of public servants. Of those we elect to represent us. Of people we entrust with power. Our doctors swear to ”respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk… and apply […]