Passing It On…

When I spend time encouraging and mentoring younger leaders now, they’re very grateful. I remember that feeling – that sensation of relief and gratitude. Someone I thought important and powerful believing I was worth their time. It was my fuel. I did not need big room recognition. I needed small room encouragement and understanding. I […]


Really long post. About men (people) and #metoo. Leadership and disasters.—— #metooWhat’s being asked of men (people) is that they do the work of examining their ideas and behaviors – ratchet up awareness of their needs (sexual, emotional, professional, spiritual) and how to get them met in ways healthy for them and those around them. […]

Long reflective post about leadership and work

Still thinking about the woman who spoke out yesterday at a women’s leadership event- about being not valued – about not being promoted, about developing others but being overlooked herself. And working with people who were “culturally incompetent”. Brave woman. Leaders have a responsibility to work constantly – really relentlessly – to create welcoming workplaces. […]