breathe through it I’ve been trying to “get over” some losses because even though I know better, the “just get over it” cultural norm pollutes my thinking. I’m not “over” these losses. I’m still in the process of letting go. Of reflecting on what they meant – what they mean now. Someone wise once told […]

Pots. Prayers. Plans.

Hey there. There are three things I need today. POTS. (That’s pots, not pot. Smart aleck)  If you have any spare clay or ceramic pots lying around outside I can use them. Maybe you were going to have that deck or balcony garden but it didn’t quite work out. I have sprouted lots of things […]

Lyda Ann

My friend Lyda Ann Thomas died this week. I’m going to miss Lyda Ann. There aren’t many people I’m willing to follow – she was one. Lyda Ann had no need to make people better than they were so she could love them. She appreciated people; flaws, faults and all. She didn’t tolerate hateful or […]