Fossil Fuel Dependent Civilization

Can we please have some Climate Realism? “Immediate complete annihilation of the fossil fuel industry is the only answer” from one climate activist. Here’s my take. “Immediate complete annihilation” of the fossil fuel industry would be the only path to doom faster and more brutal than the path we are now on. We have created […]

Can We Grow Up?

I really really resent the sanctimony and hypocrisy of some climate change “opinionators”. Don’t want any of the downside of petrochem and “would never live in Houston”. But you’re not giving up a single comfort you have. You just don’t want to suffer the consequences. “We must do away with fossil fuels.” That’s a joke. Cause […]

Environmental Saints:

I was wondering how long it would take before someone offered the opinion that we are responsible for the hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast because we are producing the oil we burn that causes them. Of course the person who posted this lives in San Francisco. I will refrain from saying everything I’d like […]