August 25, 2017

Environmental Saints:

I was wondering how long it would take before someone offered the opinion that we are responsible for the hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast because we are producing the oil we burn that causes them. Of course the person who posted this lives in San Francisco. I will refrain from saying everything I’d like to and say this.

If we take these refineries offline and stop our terrible environmental sins, you have about three weeks to go on living your lovely life. You can walk. Of course. However the IV line used in your hospitals, the components in your precious Silicon Valley products, your coffee packages, your building materials, kiss all of that goodbye. I’m sure you’d be willing to give all of that up.

Petrochem is not just about gasoline. We can discuss after the storm. Please don’t be environmentally sanctimonious. Especially not when the people of Corpus Christi are facing life threatening events. And especially not when you’re living 2,000 miles away. Save it.

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