August 31, 2017


MUCK and GUT. Texas has the best language ever for describing life’s challenges – a Texan coined Hunker Down.

MUCK and GUT is just awful. When we have a flood, Mother Nature brings back everything we’ve ever disposed of and dumps it in our living rooms. It’s nasty.

So you gotta pull up everything. All of it. Take it all out. Down to the studs. You have to know what you’re doing otherwise you end up living with dangerous mold. And you gotta be safe while you work. There are lots of great instructions – but if you’re older or just tireder, you may not be up for hauling loads of stinky carpet and foul smelling sofas out to the curb. (Muck) Before you can start pulling out soggy sheet rock. (Gut) In a cloud of Eau de Mildew.

Kind of makes you want to move here, doesn’t it? #Houston it’s worth it. You’re Welcome.

Well the good news is – just like we’ve got lots of people who volunteer to do other people’s taxes, (that’s like people volunteering to go to the dentist for other people – hard for me to imagine, but there you are.) there are people who love to help by sorting your soggy stinky stuff.

I’ve done this myself. Out of love. Really. You have to love your neighbor to do this. Or else be bored out of your ever loving mind.

But as an expert in messy disasters, I know one thing you can count on: good folks will show up for the dirty work. I’m already looking forward to the Margarita and Mildew Party to follow the Muck and Gut Get-Together.

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