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June 7, 2023

Queer and…


Spoke with a friend today about what it means to be banished. Cut off from family or community. To be sent out of, or to be forced to leave, your country, family or community because “your kind” are not welcome. To be cut off because you are considered an abomination.

Being excommunicated, banished, ejected from our family, community or country constitutes a disaster as sure as if you had been washed out by a hurricane.

Disasters are revelatory. They make us question our beliefs about how the world works. They makes us ask the deepest kind of question: “Is there a place for me in this world?” And they require us to reconstitute our lives out of our own imaginations.

Some find a way from banishment to belonging. Making our way from excluded to contributing member. Reconstituting our identity. From “illegal” to “citizen”. From disowned to proudly embraced. From reviled to celebrated.

Today my sister is celebrating a dear friend who managed an escape from Sudan to a more gay welcoming Canada. Today he is safer in Toronto. We take a deep breath with him. And as we let it out we pray for those still trapped.

There is such a need for grace in this journey. For the struggle and suffering to become wisdom and self regard instead of bitterness and self neglect. Those of us who perform that alchemy deserve the whole damn rainbow.

As we lift up our LGBTQIA+ community in June let us appreciate this perilous journey from banishment to belonging.

Queer is good. I’m glad to be queer. In all the months of the year.

Letting my freak flag fly! (old people get this).

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queer, banishment, banished, pride