March 17, 2022

Leadership Theory

Angela’s “Wastewater treatment plant” theory of leadership.

You’re expected to take in all manner of dangerous crap, from every imaginable source, and turn it into pure drinkable water. You may be disrespected and abused but you can’t disrespect or abuse. You may be ignored but you don’t get to ignore. Your needs are a subject of derision – but you must listen with respect and patience even if you are mocked, even when what you’re hearing is utter nonsense.

That’s the deal. Worse in the nonprofit sector but happens everywhere. On any given day genuine leaders are carrying and trying to process a load of toxic misery and crap… and everyone around them demanding pure drinkable water.

What are your strategies for processing all the crap, purifying yourself, so you can keep showing up …?

PS clarifying. I’m speaking about people in formal positions. Frequently exposed to criticism and disrespect from all sides – who then must show up patient, thoughtful, respectful, of others.

Processing all the garbage coming in … and putting something else out.

© Angela Blanchard

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