May 20, 2018

Begging and Bleeding

We continue to beg our lawmakers to do something about school shootings. We’ve begged for years. We just get more guns — and more shootings.

We’ve begged for universal health care and mental health funding. Not getting that. In any reliable form.

We begged for sensible immigration reform. FOR DECADES. We got a horrible destructive inhumane opposite.

We beg like helpless children. We whine and beg and cry. Lawmakers have no respect for us because whining, crying and begging are no threat to the power they hold. None.

I see appeals to conscience and honor and decency and love of country and love thy neighbor — but this is all about power. And we aren’t a threat to those who hold power over guns, or immigration or health care or anything else we care about.

We write checks every spring to fund a federal government that does not care about us. We pay taxes in Texas to state leaders that prop up the most vile national narratives. In DC we employ representatives who play their game each day assured that they will never face the vulnerabilities we do. They have insurance. If they get sick, we will be expected to pray for them — while they receive the best care in the world. Their children are protected and won’t be separated from them. If they break a law or violate another human being — there’s a fund for that, too. They will have pensions. And jobs and contracts. Their safety and security are a priority. They don’t want to be the rest of us.

They treat us like a bunch of disconnected useless mobs that must be manipulated to despise one another so that we do not threaten their power. God forbid we should look around and recognize our shared humanity. And act in solidarity. That would indeed be a threat.

I’m sick of the whole charade. And I’m really sick and tired of watching us beg a bunch of cowards to care about human beings.

We are a gunshot, bleeding and broken nation. And no one is coming.

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