May 31, 2019


(Dull post)

I hate vacations and try not to take them. I need to be busy and most vacations seem to feature a lot of hanging out, doing nothing. Sand and drink umbrellas. Nothing to show for it. I’d pay not to go.

This past week has been a bit of a vacation Angela Style. At home. Messing around my house. Cleaning. Tidying up. Weeding. Clipping. Watering. Doing chores and cooking side by side with my son. It’s been great. (He’s such a good cook! TY Jackie)

I work all the time. Work gives me joy and satisfaction. But this week I did nesting work. I have a lot to show for it.

They say if you want to have more joy you should try to recall what gave you joy as a child. What you looked forward to…

I liked growing things. The magic of taking dried beans, soak, plant. Watch the little leaves unfurl. Also making things. Checking out max allowed books from the Terrell Public Library. And dancing. I haven’t changed much.

I’ve been feeling guilty because I left some fruit on my fruit trees and apparently you’re supposed to pick it all so the tree can “rest”. So I got it all picked.

Inside the overipened grapefruit Victor noticed seeds had begun to sprout. So I pulled them out and planted them. Magic.

This is what I have to show for my vacation. Orderly home. Happy plants. Books sorted and many read. And a sprouting grapefruit tree.

Very satisfying vacation.

Back to work.

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