June 17, 2019

Uniquely US

Millions of immigrants and refugees all over the world are fleeing oppression, starvation and violence. Today, the United States is the ONLY receiving nation tearing children from the arms of parents. Not the desperately poor countries. Not the horribly dysfunctional governments. Just the U.S. Aren’t you proud?

I can’t help but believe that every adult in the US is accountable for this and all the other atrocities perpetrated by this administration. Every single one of us. And we can hardly call ourselves good, or civilized or moral if we’re not doing everything in our power to bring down a regime that is proud of inflicting cruelty on helpless people. Whatever we are enjoying about our “way of life” is undeserved. We have a pack of predators in office led by a particular kind of human being – an abomination who feeds on suffering. If we are confused about this – or quibbling about anything other than removing them from power then we deserve to be next.

I want to point out all those who cooperated and supported and executed these cruel orders. The people who shackled the father, stole his baby, flew the plane, signed an agreement to be silent, completed the “paperwork”. It takes many many people to carry out these cruelties but there haven’t been mass resignations, on the spot refusals, violent reprisals – there are hundreds of people participating in this. caught in small and large dilemmas about their jobs and their livelihoods And their own safety. Even who think “at least I’m caring for them”. So if you think you are somehow never going to be that father just look around you. Because when there are monsters at the highest level of power, there are thousands of people below them that will choose, whether happily or sorrowfully, to go along with their plans.

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