February 11, 2022


Cause we live in a podcast world. Some of us anyway. Have the leisure to listen.

There are so many podcasts. So many people with time to talk. If you started now and listened for the rest of your life you’d never hear them all. Same with music. It’s crowded out there.

You know what’s not crowded? Delivering on those lofty ideals. Running stuff so it’s more fair and just and equitable. Running a company that doesn’t drain the life out of people. Gathering up resources and redeploying them so they do some good for those just trying to get through the day. Not crowded there.

Teaching isn’t crowded. Early childhood development is not crowded. Addiction services. Not crowded. Building affordable homes. Not crowded. Immigration services. Not crowded. Getting food to hungry people. Ain’t crowded there. Sustainable community gardens. Never seen one of those be crowded. Cleanup crews for bayous and wetlands. Not crowded. Winding through the intricacies of delivering health services to people who can’t afford it. Definitely not crowded.

But people talking about that stuff. Wow. Really crowded.

© Angela Blanchard

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