Hateful Things

Don’t say hateful things about people. These powerful people you’re raging at probably don’t care what hateful things you say about them – but – doing so burns your soul. Don’t hurt your soul. You need your soul. *wrote this for me. And maybe you too. Love,Angela


Really long post. About men (people) and #metoo. Leadership and disasters.—— #metooWhat’s being asked of men (people) is that they do the work of examining their ideas and behaviors – ratchet up awareness of their needs (sexual, emotional, professional, spiritual) and how to get them met in ways healthy for them and those around them. […]

Long reflective post about leadership and work

Still thinking about the woman who spoke out yesterday at a women’s leadership event- about being not valued – about not being promoted, about developing others but being overlooked herself. And working with people who were “culturally incompetent”. Brave woman. Leaders have a responsibility to work constantly – really relentlessly – to create welcoming workplaces. […]

Sally Yates

I find it interesting that a woman intelligently and competently responding to a man asking her a question – related to her decades long, earned expertise is described as “beating up” “putting down” “slamming” “embarrassing” “humiliating” the man who asked. Are we are buying into the idea that competent, incisive, and knowledgeable responses are acts […]