You’re Welcome

Today in Houston, elected, faith, civic and nonprofit leaders, led by Mayor Turner, gathered at Baker Ripley to tell all residents of our city that they are still welcome in Houston. It was necessary. Children are not coming to school. Parents are calling hot lines with questions about “immediate deportations”. People proudly seeking citizenship now […]

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned from visiting with people living as refugees in camps: Grief and gratitude go hand in hand. In equal measure. Every step of the way. Extreme hardship does not destroy generosity or eliminate hospitality. People with very little, share readily. The human spirit is not extinguishable by the loss of things or home or even […]

NO. Governor Abbott. NO.

I write this from Germany where I’ve been invited to speak to 1,500 German public, private and NGO leaders and volunteers about best ideas for the long term integration of immigrants and refugees. Germany has welcomed 1.1 million refugees to their country. Every major city here has taken in 100–200K people. Now, leaders are intensely […]