Innocence and Loss

We try to protect our children – some of us. Thinking some realities are too harsh to introduce to our children. Wait we think. Let’s wait. Wait. Until they are older. They don’t need to know this yet. We call that period before they know that everything that matters is fragile and subject to loss, […]

Hospitality / Soulful Living

Today I’m thinking about all the investments I’ve made in other people. The events and parties and dinners and fundraising receptions I’ve hosted at my house at my expense.  And three years of Sunday@Six gatherings. One of the things I love about true hospitality and generosity is it delivers a kind of immediate satisfaction. There […]

About Ideas and Thinking

A good part of my time now is spent learning, teaching and writing. At Brown, it’s kind of my job. Yes I’m also doing consulting work but even that work, done well, involves learning, teaching, writing. There are mornings I wake up and think, “I’d rather get a pickup truck, work gloves and Clorox and […]

Hold a Funeral for What’s Finished

Sometimes we say “I’m so tired” when we really mean we just can’t go on with what we’re doing. We’ve run out of steam. No fuel. No juice. Empty. ONE YEARIs there some end in sight? Are we about to be done with this shit? Did we learn anything? Do we still love the people […]

Gratitude and Grief

We’ve had a death in our family and it’s going to be a difficult day of masked up, socially distanced services. Excruciating. I post this because I know that we aren’t the only ones in this season facing losses. And practicing our faith and finding gratitude and grace even in loss. We are avoiding anger […]

Pandemi-Lost and Found

I’ve been so incredibly pandemi-lonely. Some days I was just paralyzed. Unable to move. Trapped in this social connection VACUUM created by Covid-19 containment measures. (Look, if you haven’t felt this way, just keep scrolling. This post isn’t for you.) And today I realized I’m not paralyzed now. I’m not staring into the abyss, worried […]

Your Outrage Does Not Matter

Your outrage does not matter. Nor your attempts to foster empathy. This is about power. This administration feeds on – relishes – their power to inflict pain. The very fact they can cause suffering – directly and indirectly – is a source of affirmation for them. Confirmation of their ordained superiority. You can see this […]

After Disasters: Milestones and Holidays

It hurts to have our lives turned upside down. The holidays are going to make the pain a bit sharper and tempers shorter. Our belongings and all the memories they represent – in a big soggy pile – is going to be the standout 2017 memory for many of our neighbors. That raggedy tree topper […]

Soapboxes and Bandwagons

As an alternative to outrage, pontification, indignation, I like to check myself. Before I tell others how they should feel and think and behave I check myself. Where do I have direct power and influence over people and resources – are all my practices there in line with my beliefs about love, respect and inclusiveness? […]

Long reflective post about leadership and work

Still thinking about the woman who spoke out yesterday at a women’s leadership event- about being not valued – about not being promoted, about developing others but being overlooked herself. And working with people who were “culturally incompetent”. Brave woman. Leaders have a responsibility to work constantly – really relentlessly – to create welcoming workplaces. […]