A Beaumont Texas Story

I’ve been working since I was (almost) 14 years old. I started a little before my 14th birthday. My first job was at the soda fountain in a Sommers Rexall Drug Store in the Stadium Shopping Center in Beaumont Texas. Grandma got me that job. I wore a white uniform dress. My grandmother gave me […]

Personal Responsibility

Today a powerful white man in Houston suggested to me that if Black people want to improve their circumstances it’s all about personal responsibility. And that race is an issue only because we keep bringing it up. Everything was fine and we were all getting along before some people made an issue of race. I was […]


2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 One of our early Houston founding families supported the creation of settlement houses and community centers, because, as he said, “neighbors should live as friends”. I just recently returned from Germany. A country leading the struggle to welcome newcomers, to make a place for over a million Syrian refugees. German […]


I recently spent a few days with four white women friends. A real vacation of the kind I rarely take. No plans except to do whatever we felt like — or nothing. After 24 hours we fell into an accommodating rhythm. The coffee and plans got made every day. We ate. We walked. We talked. […]

Hateful Things

Don’t say hateful things about people. These powerful people you’re raging at probably don’t care what hateful things you say about them – but – doing so burns your soul. Don’t hurt your soul. You need your soul. *wrote this for me. And maybe you too. Love,Angela