It tells me something about you when I see how you’re planning and preparing. When I hear your responses to threats.“ It’s no big deal.” “I got this.” “I can take care of me and mine”. “I’m concerned and taking steps.” “I’ve got to think about mom, sister, neighbor, friends, employees …” We can survive […]

A Brief Essay on Time

…on advocacy and heartbreak… Time passes differently for the privileged than for the neglected. For “the poor”, time is measured in packages of effort devoted to survival, the time it takes to earn your rent, the hourly wage, overtime (if you are lucky), the time it takes to scrounge up a meal. And waiting. The […]


Someone asked me today: do you know your purpose. Yep. I live for all the hungry people. The folks that for whatever reason – call it Grace – wake up hungry for a better life. Just desperately want something more. A long time ago my parents taught me a powerful lesson – not to fear […]