Its really okay to break up with people – even family members. Even people you thought you could love no matter what. For years I told myself that I had to hang in there no matter what you said or did. In the hopes of shaping what you saw and heard. In the hopes I […]


“Get in the car. Everyone get in the car. Time to go home.” My Mom is herding us like chicks. We’re all piling in the backseat of the station wagon, sweaty and tired. But happy because we all got to ride the Hermann Park train. The grand finale. Went clicking clacking in the rickety kid […]

Blanchard Folks

I’ve just got to say our family is “special” in a particular set of ways. If you tell us something is hard, can’t be done, will never work – we hear something along these lines: this will be interesting, terrific, perfect for our talents. Let’s get started. We love one another and all – but […]

My Brother

I miss my brother – the way he used to be. Last year during Harvey, I left the shelter a few times to go see my brother at the medical center. The whole family and a few Houston friends pitched in to help get him back to Texas after a truly horrible motorcycle accident in Utah. People […]